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MadHouse is a collective of strategists, advisors, innovators, creative thinkers, doers, makers, prodders, provocateurs, and believers committed to helping organizations Broaden their Biases.

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The power of a purpose-led,
profoud shift in perspective.

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Every organization. Every enterprise. Big or small, traditional or modern. Has Biases. Tendencies. Routines. Natural Dispositions. Ways of doing things because it is the way things have always been done. Ways of viewing things because of deep-rooted expertise. Ways of articulating things that are long and complicated. And that can work for a while. But in every case, there is that moment. An unsettling sense you may be out of touch. That you may be talking to yourselves. That your biases have become too narrow. Your routines have become nuts.

And you begin to question who you are, what you're doing, and why you're doing it. You have conflicted feelings about the business you're in, the value you bring, the role you play. A wave of realization that the world is constantly changing, yet you aren't. And you are left behind. Behind culture, behind the competition, behind the conversation.

You have to ask - and answer - some difficult questions. It isn't always easy. It isn't always fun. It is most often uncomfortable. And you cannot do it alone.

So we created MADHouse to help entrepreneurs, leadership teams and decision makers get outside themselves, break down walls, ask better questions and reinvent themselves.

Michael D'Antonio


Michael D’Antonio created MadHouse to help entrepreneurs, industry leaders, leadership teams and decision makers get outside their normal comfort zones, ask better questions, and invent and reinvent themselves. Part entrepreneur, strategist, creative, brand expert and disruptor, Michael D’Antonio set out to build a new enterprise platform. Because today’s marketplace, across all industries, has too many brands, too many products, too many services, with too many saying the same thing, providing the same value, occupying the same space. Consolidation has raised the stakes, where global scale is often a cost of entry. Digitization has democratized and/or is democratizing virtually every offering. Leaving us with mega brands on one side and niche, vertical brands on the other.

The middle, slowing fading away. For most businesses, growth and innovation comes from being pushed further. D’Antonio learned business from the ground up. From sales to strategy, costs to culture, he has worked with brands in many sectors, from startups to Fortune 100. He has also founded and/or helped to develop enterprises in the technology, money management, trading, apparel, manufacturing, retail, events and staffing spaces. MadHouse represents Michael D’Antonio’s dedication to a continued revitalization of intellectual property in Detroit. MadHouse’s expertise and services include Strategic Planning, Brand Development, Creative and Campaign Development, and Digital Marketing and Technology Design.